Mon - Fri 09:00am - 05:00 pm
Tsar Boris III, No 9, 3rd floor
Petrich, 2850 Bulgaria
Head Office : +359 (0) 359 7455 6609
Greek Land Line: +30 210 60 22 468

Vita Trust

Vita Trust is a company specializing in business establishing and investment all over Europe. With offices in Greece, Germany and Bulgaria.

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Safe Wave

Safe Wave is a company specialising in Marine Industry inox works and is a large selling point for all kind of boat trailers.

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Vita Yachts

Vita Yachts is a company that exports all heavy materials from Bulgaria to other countries regarding Marine industry.

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S.A. Medical

S.A. Medical is a company that delivers a large variety of Medical Materials to the Bulgarian medical market.

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Elxis Foods

Elxis Foods is a company that selects the finest Greek products and exports them all over Europe and U.S.A

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VAS Parts

VAS Parts is a company that designs and produces high quality materials for vehicles and all type of trailers

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